Experience has shown that greater than 90% of electrical defects are detectable by visual inspection. All equipment is visually checked and tested in accordance with this guide. This guide is based on the perception of the level of the hazard and the degree of abuse to which the equipment is typically exposed.

test frequency guide


Construction, residential, mining, civil, fabrication, medical, hospitality, agricultural, commercial and government.

Code of Practice

Tests are carried out in accordance with the In-Service Safety Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment AS/NZS 3670, and with the applicable additional requirements as per AS/NZS 3012.


Tests include all Class I and II equipment from 50VAC to 415VAC.


Visual inspection, earth leakage and continuity, polarity, insulation resistance, current leakage and trip time for RCD's. Results must be within an acceptable tolerance and are also recorded. The record shows an overview and result of the equipment tested.

Guaranteed Service

Professional, comprehensive and reliable service at your fingertips 24/7. For peace of mind all repairs come with manufacturer standard parts and labour warranty.

Custom Tags

Customised test tags with your Company Logo and Barcode and/or QR Codes are available. Minimum orders of 350 to 500 per colour depending on the type.


Rather than place items "Out of Service" a qualified technician will repair any faults quickly and cost effectively, keeping your equipment repair budget and downtime as low as possible.

Risk Control

Regular inspection intervals (depending on your site and policies) will identify hazards quickly and this ensures controls are in place which don't compromise safety.